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The juke and the highway.

Robert Frank made lists of the things he wanted to photograph way back in the 50’s when he started his run.  He intended to make a statement about America, and so he did.  What that statement is depends on you, dear viewer, although there are plenty of people that will be happy to tell you what they think he meant.  Jack Kerouac had a pretty smart notion of what it was all about.

Kerouac.  He was somebody’s idea of a hipster, and then he died drunk.  Robert Frank, the always changing artist that he was, stopped making photographs after The Americans.

Steidl, the top shelf  book maker, recently published Robert Frank in America, a pretty fair collection of mostly previously unpublished work made on that Guggenheim run.

America is too big to be nailed down in a book of photographs, or even two books of photographs, and I’ll bet it was pure hell trying.




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