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Truck stops as big as cities.

We live in a big damn country.  We can lose sight of this basic and obvious fact because generally the world we move around in is pretty small.  The house we live in, the yard around the house, the neighborhood and then the wider, yet still easily managed world we see everyday.  I like to think that driving long miles, and occasionally stopping, gives me insight into the people and the country, but that can’t be true.  How much can you learn when you are just passing through?  I am a tourist. If I could I would stop at every house and store and speak to everyone at least for a minute.  As it is, I did manage to connect, albeit briefly, with a number of citizens from here to Mississippi and back. And as always I am reminded of the sheer stupendous size of America.


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Long gone.

The congregation has disappeared, scattered to the four winds; the preacher left town, on to different pastures. The walls of the church stand.

America is covered in churches.  Colossal cathedrals and simple wooden structures,  they are everywhere; every denomination, every sort of building style, all up and down every road and country lane.  I am moved to photograph the handmade churches.  These buildings are folk art, built to hold the Mighty Power Of God in a modest and fragile package.  Once, I am certain, the builders of these churches kneeled and prayed and knew that salvation would be theirs.  If you listen carefully, on the right kind of day, you can hear the choir singing and the preacher preaching, hands clapping in unison bringing it all back home, another church on another American highway.








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