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American Flags in Black and White

Getting my feet wet. Thanks for taking a look.

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The eagles fill the sky…

  I have been listening to John Moreland all day every day for weeks now.  You should too.  John writes plays and sings about love loss and heartache like no one else. I am a photographer.  The photographs I make are my songs.  The effort to get out into the world to make the exposures, […]

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Behind the storm…

The days had been perfect.  The heat was hot, the water was wet and the storm rolled in right 0n time.  Winter is somewhere  around the corner, so they say, but nowadays winter ain’t like what it used to be. We use the Southern Syntax from time-to-time to try to throw off the surveillance teams. […]

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The days were quick…

The days were quick, sunrise to noon gone in a blink and then I was into the afternoon, the downhill slope of the day.  I drove a lot, racing through the beauty of The Colorado Plateau.  Sometimes I ran, the trails extending mile after mile.  I would go until I couldn’t remember.  Some days I […]

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Soldiers fill the hotels on the weekend.

    My first trip to the Deep South was in 1981.  I spent the first half of the year in Basic Training learning how to be a soldier.  My memories of Anniston are dim.  I do recall fried battered catfish for dinner at a local eatery.  Mostly  I stayed within the confines of the reservation.  Danger […]

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Getting here from there. Capture to finished image. Sorta.

Part of my photographic expression over the last several years has been the black and white landscape.  I hate to label a body of work in such a limiting fashion, but in this instance the description is accurate.  I have been shooting with intent for more than 25 years and of course I have been […]

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The backside of the storm.

The Carny is huddled in the big tent as the clouds move in, the lightning flashes.  Nothing fancy here, cheap lowdown rides and the thrill is you might fly off the rails into the field.  The people come, but not many, as the weather keeps turning dark, the wind kicks in. It’s all the same […]

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The California Zephyr still roams the countryside…

Our history fades, smoke from a hard burning fire.  The men of the Union Pacific slammed the spike home at Council Bluffs and we rode into the West on rails atop iron giants.   The California Zephyr still roams the countryside, slicing through the western skyline, whistle wailing, bound heavy for the coast. When the moon […]

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Solitude is easy to come by…

You get what you need in the swamps of Maryland along the Eastern Shore. Solitude is easy to come by, early in the morning, and when storms threaten. Bad weather tends to keep all but the hard core searchers at home. Of course, the hard core know that bad weather is more interesting.   Bald […]

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Indiana in the Springtime…

I was westbound for Chicago. The sun was setting.  I got off the interstate-because nothing of interest ever happens on the interstate-and hit the county roads. The car windows were down, some country rock and roll star was singing on the radio.  The sky was turning dark.  I parked on the shoulder, turned everything off, […]

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