Girls in their summer clothes, or: I never photographed a barn.

In the Spring of 2007 Bruce Springsteen recorded Girls in Their Summer Clothes, a song that was subsequently released on the Magic record.  It is a brilliant song.  And it has nothing to do with girls, or summer.

In the same vein, I have never photographed a barn.  I don’t drive hundreds and hundreds of miles to photograph barns and roads and stores and churches and and trains and whatever else is laying in wait out in The Great Beyond.  The effort to produce work with a broad aesthetic has almost nothing to do with the thing out there that the lens is aiming at.

 So what is in a photograph?

Much of that is up to you, dear viewer, but always look deeper. The artist (if I may use that term) may have something to say beyond what you think you see.

Outside it’s America.






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