I am proud to announce…

…that my photograph The El Cortez will be offered to clients by Ellis and Samuels at Sunset Interiors, Tucson.  The photograph of this exposure is a 23 x 13 inch custom print made by Dalmatian Black and White of North Carolina, certainly one of the premier photography labs in the country.  The experts at Dalmatian use the finest printers loaded with Cone Edition Piezography K7 inks. The subsequent photographs are made using seven shades of black pigmented inks, printed on the finest acid-free papers and are rated archival with  a longevity of 200 years or more. The quality and deeply rich continuous tonal range can exceed the best traditional custom optical fiber prints and have to be viewed to be believed.  These are truly exceptional photographs.

Not only that but 4 other color prints of mine will hang with the El Cortez and I am simply busting with pride.  The selected work represents literally thousands of miles of effort.  Thanks to my friends in Tucson for this opportunity.



Las Vegas as we all need it to be.  A wind swept rain, the police in action across the street and the gamblers warm inside keeping their demons at bay.  It’s always just after midnight in Vegas.

Chris Hensel

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