In the front seat on a summer night with bare feet on the dash.

Big cars, fast cars, cars with fins, cars with stripes, cars with music, muscle cars, cars with girls in the front seat on a summer night with  bare feet on the dash. Cars that take you away even if only for a little while

A car in the night gives us something.  A way out, if need be. A break from the madness.  The mystery of the night can engulf us, sweeping away the dull of the day. Time stops when the moon is full and the highway is clear.  We are free, if only for a little while.

 I made this image on a summer night not long ago, standing in the road, camera mounted on a tripod, making exposure after exposure.  I thought I had what I wanted, but I tend to over shoot to make sure.  It was after midnight, nobody around.  I had passed the Sunoco station and thought that the tower would fit and the image would speak. Brought the car around, parked and 20 minutes later drove away.

Some things we see everyday all the time.  We use them and never see them.  And then one day years later we see a photograph and gaze in awe at what had been there all along.


“See the present as past”

-Walker Evans.



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