Sunday Morning.


The AM radio band comes alive on Sunday morning everywhere with the sound of fervent preaching.  Small watt AM stations feature local preachers exhorting the faithful to follow Jesus.  Driving through the rural countryside takes on a completely different flavor when the soundtrack is a fire and brimstone Pentacostal Preacher.  Charismatic indeed.  I was southbound on a North Carolina two lane one Sunday morning  when I passed this church.  I had to stop, of course.  I spent a few minutes making photographs and listening to the Preacher on my radio.  When I had the image that I wanted I sat down by the road side.  The Radio Preacher had stopped and the choir began. I was alone along the highway, the scratchy low-fidelity sound of a local gospel choir singing, the sun easing up over the trees.

God showed Noah the rainbow sign, no more water, the fire next time.