Holbrook snowstorm.

I started the day in Flagstaff.  The air was cold, the San Francisco Peaks were hidden by clouds.  I had a quick breakfast and started eastbound on I-40.  The snow started just east of Winslow.  I was driving into a surprising and strong late Spring storm.  At the time I was driving a car not built for snow.  Plus I had the time, so I figured to hit Holbrook and head south to I-10.  I wanted to avoid driving through to Albuquerque in that storm.  Plus, I wanted to drive south.  I made the Holbrook exit and on the way out of town I found this freight outbuilding.  I parked and began to work, making several exposures.  I was shooting a medium format camera with a  telephoto lens.  I watched as the clouds formed on the horizon.  After a bit I packed up and continued south.  Very soon I was out of the storm.  Later that day I was east bound on I-10 into Southern New Mexico.  The temperature was close to 80 degrees.  I spent that evening near Lordsburg.

I love this image.  When I see it, I am transported back to that lonely cold snowy morning.  When I was making the photo there was no one around. Holbrook is not a big town.  But it is Northern Arizona, and when you stand on the edge of town, even during a late spring snow, you can see a long way.