And then it all comes together…

I get out in the world so that I can see things I haven’t seen.  I want to know what America looks like: the cities, the suburbs, the country, all of it.  I want to walk the roads in Tennessee. I want to feel the wind in Nebraska.  I want to walk in the rain on a warm Fall evening in Chicago,  I want to see the beauty of a California sunrise.  This past Sunday I was driving through Ohio and everything was perfect.  The clouds, the light, the temperature, everything lined up around me and provided a never ending number of opportunities to see, and to make photographs.  I was euphoric all day.  And that is why I go.  For the euphoria.  For the quiet of the countryside.  For the breeze I hear through the cornfield.  For the subject that sits out there in front of me and for the chance to get what I see into the camera.  There are no mechanics, no thinking really, just me and the subject.

Of course, sometimes I get all of this: the perfect day, the euphoria, and the photos fall flat.

Not this time.